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Afran and Huahua ride to build a Chinese dream

time:2017-11-08 source:Afranbrowse:84

Everyone has their own dream in the heart, every nation has its own national dream, every country has its own national dream, and our China has its own unique "Chinese Dream." Afran also has his own dream of " Huanghua riding. "

Afran Dream
Circumnavigated by the way of cycling, Guangzhou runs through each provincial capital and extends all around it. It travels through two great economic belts of the Old Silk Road and the Silk Road. It covers the distribution areas of ethnic minorities and initiates different themes in capital cities Riding activities.

Not only is it a ride, it is not easy for the ancestors to open up the Silk Road, but it is also a hard feeling for their ancestors to survive. It is even more difficult and arduous to feel the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.