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Celebrate HuiCheWuYou APP Chongqing promotion success

time:2017-12-21 source:Afranbrowse:120

The "2017 Afran & HuiCheWuYou APP  Chongqing Station Promotion Conference" co-organized by Guangdong Afran Industrial Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Racing East Auto Parts Sales Co., Ltd. was held on December 20 at [Chongqing Shuofu Mall Food Park Hotel], the relevant leaders of Afran, the general manager of Chongqing Saitong Company, and over 50 car repair manufacturers in Chongqing all came to the venue one after another.

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The theme of this promotion is "Union Carriers to create a car carefree ecosystem", Afran Wang always to the merchants to explain in detail the "car carefree" platform functional model, the status quo and future planning, get the public Business consensus.

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After the meeting, more than 50 merchants who arrived at the meeting all came to the platform of HuiCheWuYou APP Care. Many merchants signed the order of Afran brand lubricants on the spot to show their approval and support to Afran.