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Afran strongly supports the motorcycle team

time:2017-06-02 source:Afranbrowse:144

As a professional lubricant manufacturer, the quality of motorcycle engine lubricants is the constant pursuit of Afran. The best way to reflect the quality of lubricants is the customer's feeling. Afran pays attention to the customer's experience. Only the customer satisfied with the product is still Good product.

afran future 300

There are quite a few non-motorized motorcycle teams in China. They are characterized by trekking. Generally, they hold an event and need to drive thousands of kilometers in a row. The long journey is the test of lubricants.

And Afran Future 300 will be able to meet this demand, whether it is because of prolonged driving, or poor road conditions, or the fusion of temperatures, Kam To 300 will always protect your motorcycle.